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Helpful tips and Advice on What to do in an Electrical Emergency

What to do when your electrics go bad?

Electrical emergencies vary in seriousness, the worst of course being electrical shocks and electrocution. A badly wired power outlet can cause a moderate electric shock that can certainly be painful. If you have experienced such an unfortunate electrical incident in your home or office, it is imperative to get a certified electrician to check the problem for you.

Of course not every emergency is injurious and the graphic above should tell you what you can do should you encounter a power cut or trip switch at your home.

Problems occur owing to a number of causes, such as overloaded circuits and faulty appliances. For more information on this matter take a read at this electrical safety page.

As a rule of thumb, first thing to try when your power goes is reset the trip switch. Modern electric circuits have a circuit breaker fuse system. If a fault develops a switch is tripped and the circuit broken. Fuses will trip generally due to an overloaded or a faulty appliance. Imporant to note: never tamper with your electricity board’s fuse and seals.

If this does not solve the problem then it is time to call in an emergency electrician.


By Carl Smit